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Welcome to extensaKey!

Simplest license management system ever!

extensaKey is a large web of professional spiders-developers which are helping you to achieve more and more with your amazing software.


The spiders developed a fabulous license management system which helps you to generate license keys, validate them by Domain, IP or Product version and measure the success of your product through our fancy stats.

Variety of validation options

You have the option to validate your license by IP address, Domain name & Product Version.

What's working

…and what isn't. With our dashboard, you can always be on top of what's happening with your products.


extensaKey is a cloud-based reponsive license manager and you can use it from everywhere

Start earning more from your software!

See how it works

Integrate licensing to your software in three easy steps


Integrate our API in your software


Deliver license keys to your customers


Monitor your software products

You can integrate our API functionality in your software and use it to generate, distribute and control your license codes, based on various settings. You can restrict your software by clients email, client’s domain and IP address and restrict usage of that license keys by expiration date or number of installations.

With our easy to use service, you can deliver your licenses to your customers. You can set your desired features for a set of customers, arrange groups of clients and export easily your license keys.

Our license system give you important feedback about your clients and how they use your software products. You can use that information to notify your customers for upcoming license expiration and receive information concerning misuse of your software.

Quickly implement in the language of your choice.


  • FREE
    • Up to 500 license codes
    • Up to 5 products
    • Basic stats

  • EURO9Month
    • Up to 5000 license codes
    • Up to 10 products
    • Detailed stats

  • EURO14Month
    • Unlimited license codes
    • Unlimited products
    • Detailed stats

Optimize your software with our amazing stats!



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